New Zealand Made

In 1974 you had little choice; in 2016 you have every choice. For Peter Hay and the Peter Hay brand, this is our home. New Zealand made means everything to us. We are proud of our heritage and our achievements over four decades speak for themselves. Being New Zealand made is a big part of our achievements. Made in New Zealand means we can control everything. A well-established brand means we will be here tomorrow.

Majority of our raw materials are sourced from only locally grown forests. These materials are machined locally and sold locally. This truly is, made in New Zealand.

Employment of the local community is another big reason for Peter Hay to continue his reinvestment back into the business. This reinvestment also cycles back into the local economy in our dealing with local suppliers. These suppliers are strategically located close by to minimise the transport, ensuring a healthy environment.

Buy New Zealand Made Campaign

The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign is about encouraging people to buy and sell New Zealand made products. Not just in New Zealand either, we’re talking exporting and taking our great products and brands to the world. So pretty much world domination.

Peter Hay Kitchens - Proudly NZ Made

The concept is an easy one to sell. Kiwis love New Zealand made products and most prefer to buy them too. We’re guessing if you’re here reading this then you feel the same – so join us in the campaign and show pride in Aotearoa. You’re not only buying great, high-quality products, you’re promoting growth and job opportunities within your country.

Peter Hay is a proud member of the Buy NZ Made campaign run by Business NZ.


All Peter Hay suppliers are certified and using best practices for manufacturing of their products. The certifications are globally recognised and ensure our offerings do not generate any harmful emissions.

Like all raw material sourcing, regeneration of supply it critical. Our raw materials are sourced from Green Building Council New Zealand suppliers and are ISO14001 accredited.

Some of our environmental policies are:-

  • Where possible, raw materials are sourced from only locally grown forests. Forests have a regeneration program.
  • Logistically we work with mainly local suppliers, thus reducing our CO2 emissions.
  • For out sourced logistics, trucks only travel full. No return trips are made empty.
  • Our cardboard packaging is in semi recycled form from new and then recycled once used.
  • Raw material waste is 100% recycled where possible
  • PVC waste is processed at a special plant, its then ground down and used as composite mixed for coal.
  • Dust is disposed in landfill.
  • We promote cleaning of kitchens with warm mild soapy water and applied with a damp cloth.

Factory Safety

Working with wood requires well thought out safety processes. The wood chips and dust created in our plant are extracted from the machinery threw an air filtration system. This system ensures the work area remains free of any harmful particles and ensures a clean work area for the safety of our team. The extracted particles are then taken away and recycled by a waste specialist.

Our roll thru stock movement platform ensures safe handling of goods and there is no unnecessary heavy lifting of units. The roll thru platform also ensures the working areas remain clear for our team. Our purpose built loading bays provide roll on roll off of goods at a great working height for our logistics suppliers.