Design has always been an important part of Peter Hay’s ethos of production. By constantly striving to satisfy our customers’ needs on individual projects, we have as a company always focussed our stylistic and technological research on totally down-to-earth projects aimed at guaranteeing optimum function and quality. If it doesn’t work we will tell you.

Continuous research into style and function means we are able to deliver successful interpretations of different living trends and come up with the freest possible approach to choose from what is on offer.

At Peter Hay our search for innovation is a rigorous testing ground, where design solutions are studied prior to being realised in such a way that function and form is often invisible. Modular systems for instance, are the outcome of constant research regarding technology and product types: lines evolve freely and are enriched and the adoption of new solutions always stand the test of their own reliability.


Peter Hay’s operational units are run so as to guarantee the finished article is top quality. Working methods which respect the care of wood, combined with continual technical innovation are integrated into our production lines.

Peter Hay’s commercial organisation takes full advantage of networking facilities: so it has been possible to build up a strong supply network providing customers with maximum reliability and, at the same time, reasonable delivery times.


Peter Hay’s selection of high-quality materials for its articles is absolutely pivotal. The quality of the raw materials used, determines the collection’s aesthetic excellence.

At the same time the search for high-quality materials is also concerned with their reliability and longevity.

To this end Peter Hay uses only certified Green First FSC raw wood based materials. Kitchen worktops made of high-pressure laminates or Quartz Stone which is highly resistant to wear and tear, scratches, heat and water.


Peter Hay takes great pride in ensuring that its products will stand the test of time by functioning well and guaranteeing maximum quality.

Mechanical parts come in for special scrutiny. For example drawer systems undergo tests for 100,000 cycle opening and closing operations. Similarly, cabinet door hinges are tested for 200,000 openings — as if you were opening a cupboard 8 times a day, every day for …68 years!

Stone surfaces undergo rigorous testing to ensure they handle every day cooking and clean routines. Tests show the superiority and the outstanding advantages of our preferred brand Caesarstone’s physical properties, compared with various typical natural stones. Test are performed by Breton spa, Italy).


All Peter Hay suppliers are certified and using best practices for manufacturing of their products. The certifications are globally recognised and ensure our offerings do not generate any harmful emissions.

Like all raw material sourcing, regeneration of supply it critical. Our raw materials are sourced from Green Building Council New Zealand suppliers and are ISO14001 accredited.

Some of our environmental policies are:-

  • Where possible, raw materials are sourced from only locally grown forests. Forests have a regeneration program
  • Logistically we work with only local suppliers, thus reducing our CO2 emissions
  • For out sourced logistics, trucks only travel full. No return trips are made empty
  • Our cardboard packaging is in semi recycled form from new and then recycled once used
  • Raw material waste is 100% recycled where possible
  • PVC waste is processed at a special plant, its then ground down and used as composite mixed for coal
  • Dust is disposed in landfill
  • We promote cleaning of kitchens with warm mild soapy water