For many kitchen buyers there is a strong design desire to have a clean line handle-less kitchen. The look is very modern and very current in today’s design trends. In fact such has been the uptake in this style of kitchen, it has out lasted all predictions. When the first handle-less kitchen was introduced, the entire market believed this was going to be a 24 month design trend.

At the time handle-less design concepts were released, the current hot topic in kitchen design was soft close. Compared with soft close, which is a true function, many in the industry believe the handle-less design was a pure design driven concept. Whilst this is entirely true, (there is little functional benefit), the uptake of this design trend has been so strong that many now know it is here to stay. Hence why we have dedicated an entire section on our site to this concept.

So read on to gain more knowledge of the design, style and its considerations.