In our opening statement on handle-less living, we talked about the design style being clean lined and very modern. It is our belief here at Peter Hay kitchens that handle-less design style is only truly fitted to clean lined modern kitchens and cabinets. Given this, if you are considering a handle-less design style, you will need to ask yourself some important questions.

Does the design style fit with the theme of my current house? Does the design style fit with my future plans? Both of these are important questions, as most kitchens these days are still viewed as aesthetic master pieces, rather than truly functional, aesthetically pleasing work spaces.

Does the colour palette I have chosen fit the design style of a handle-less kitchen? Whilst the first handle-less kitchens were produced in mainly high gloss white finishes, we have seen wonderfully created spaces in today’s equally popular satin or matt finishes.

Can I pull off a black colour palette? Do I enjoy cleaning? Do I have children? The truth is all handle-less kitchens are operated by touch and that touch is generally by hand. Fingers leave finger marks!

In summary, consider your theme and your colour palette. There are not many Shaker style handle-less kitchens for a reason and black looks great in magazines, but in reality it is difficult to live with.