Taking the market to a whole new level. A tailored solution for a first home, small home or low cost kitchen on a platform manufacturing technique, that not only functions well, but also looks a million dollars.

We are a well-known brand in the New Zealand kitchen supply market. We are better known for lower cost modular kitchens. This stems back to our bulk DIY store involvement, with two large players in this market.

What we have learned over the last 24 months, is the gap between high end kitchens and a first home, small home or low cost kitchens is narrowing. Not so much in price, but in technology and function. It is our mission to narrow this gap even further. In fact our sole aim when building this range was to have the best technically correct first home, small home or low cost kitchen on the New Zealand market.

What is technically correct? Taking all the good things about custom made and designing these features into a platform product range. The rest takes care of itself.

Read more out about the fantastic platform our lead-in entry offer is built-on.