By now you will be well aware that our manufacturing platform was built to offer numerous advantages. We have been able to produce very technically correct kitchens, with real world advantages for very good prices. Prices that rival many of the large DIY retailers in New Zealand. How do we do it? Well that is 40 plus years of experience and continual investment which enables us to do this. We are not about to pick apart other offers, we are showcasing our offer to let you decide.

So read on.

Cabinet Sizes

Well most DIY/Standard kitchen companies offer a range or modules, we at Peter Hay are taking a different approach in this specific market. We feel that the market is calling for new approach and we wanted to be the first to react. So let’s take a closer look.

For many years the humble base cabinet has been manufactured 720mm high. The toe kick or plinth area has been around 150mm high, over this time as well. This gives you finished height of 870mm and with a 30mm benchtop you have a 900mm high complete unit.

We have researched over the last few years the kitchens we have made, plus look heavily at the aesthetics and ergonomics of everyday kitchens worldwide.

We have made a change, that’s right our base cabinet is now 800mm high, the toe kick or plinth area is now 100mm. Our research has told us that we don’t need a 150mm toe kick or plinth area, so we took 50mm out and put that in your cabinet. The other 30mm? Research also told us that most of customers are now taller than what kitchen ergonomics aloud for, so we have increase the height further again.

The net result, Peter Hay is offering about 11% more storage for a similar price, when compared to pretty much anyone else in this market.

It doesn’t just end there either,

Websites like Pinterest and Houzz have had a huge influence on our customer’s wishes. Well some wishes are easily accommodated, other are more challenging and more costly.

One in particular is cabinets to the ceiling. Well it looks great, the reality is the work involved and the loss of usable space means this is often a more costly area in kitchen design and installation and really offers little advantage.

So just like our base cabinet we grew our tall cabinets as well. Most standard offers from companies are around the 2100mm mark, Peter Hay 2270mm. That’s 2170mm in cabinet and the same 100mm in toe kick or plinth height. So in affect our cabinet is now tall than most standard offers are in total height. Another 11% on average can be found here. Just out of interest, a 2400mm cabinet to the ceiling on a 150mm toe kick or plinth, would have less than 3% more storage than our standard cabinet. That’s a whole lot more money for less than 3%. That 3% is also at the very top!

Well we were are at it, we also change our wall cabinet height and depths. Our wall cabinets now fit a full 330mm Pizza Tray and as a standard, they also fit most concealed Power Pack Range Hoods to, meaning there is no “Special” cabinet to make or a complete change in wall cabinet depths to accommodate a streamline concealed Range Hood look.

So there you have it, more storage space, cost saving measures for cabinets to the ceiling and integrated appliances. These are real world advantages.

Any Size You Like

So now you are well aware of our storage capacity advantages with increase cabinet heights and depths. Another area we have focused heavily on is the design side of the kitchen. The Form over function I suppose you could say.

You can now have any size you like. You see part of our idea in developing this platform was to focus on getting both the function and form right.

Let us explain it a bit more.

Say you have a wall in your house that measures 4020mm. You have been looking on Pinterest at all those wonderfully symmetrical kitchens and want your back wall cabinets divided up evenly.

Now most large kitchen retailers would work from standard size cabinets, you get sizes every 100mm or so. They would most likely tackle this with four 900mm cabinets and one 300mm cabinet and use two 50mm filler panels either side. Perfectly acceptable, but not quite the symmetrical look you are going for. You see you have both 450mm doors (half of 900mm) and a 300mm door in this set-up.

Here at Peter Hay we will do this a little different. We will take our two end panel measurements total, say 36mm (18.0mm board each end) and then divide the space. Natural wood based items swell with humidity so we will allow 1mm in cabinet variation. So the back wall will be four even 995mm cabinets, perfectly acceptable and perfectly symmetrical and likely to very competitive in price.

Just another Peter Hay advantage.

If you are considering this look, just remember to allow yourself about 1mm per cabinet in variation as you don’t want to run into trouble with cabinet sizing and not quite square walls.

Advantages of Zero Joint Technology

It can be seen, touched and heard: the quality advantage of ZERO JOINT technology can be perceived with all the senses. A two-fold effect is achieved: a totally invisible gap coupled with an unbroken edge radius. It offers plenty of advantages.

Firstly impeccable aesthetics: the panel and edge appear to be made from the same material. The functional, lasting joint is practically invisible.

Resistance and Sturdiness. The joint between the edge and panel is capable of withstanding moisture and heat, as well as heavy mechanical loads. Dirt does not build-up on the edge, neither do yellowish areas form on the latter as a result of the glue.

Minimal maintenance and reduced cleaning times.

Reduced environmental impact in the production process. The new construction technology allows for saving 20% energy. With the new production procedure, 5% less material is required. Moreover, the production cycle is more eco-friendly and thus helps to safeguard the environment.

Quality Fittings

Blum fittings systems shout “high quality” with their well-thought-out function, recognised design and high durability. They are designed to spark inspiration and create an emotional experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks.

Weather it’s our CLIP-TOP hinge system, our ANTARO drawer system or our ergonomically pleasing AVENTOS system, you can be sure your Peter Hay kitchen is backed up by quality fittings that have a life-time warranty.

Quality Raw Materials

Superfine Particleboard MR is designed for interior use in areas of high humidity such as kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards, shelving or any situation where a moisture resistant particleboard is required.

Superfine Particleboard is a three layered board, with fine particles on the top and bottom surfaces, and larger wood flakes in the middle. The wood particles are pressed and bonded together with resin creating a tight compact panel that can be machined easily. Surfaces are sanded smooth at the mill, ready for use or finished with a low or high pressure laminate, decorative foil or timber veneer.

Both Superfine Particleboard and Superfine Particleboard MR are Greenfirst products and are certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand as environmentally preferable. Superfine is manufactured to meet the Australian AS/NZS standard for formaldehyde emissions levels (≤1.5mg/L).