So what constitutes a handle-less design style? Is it the true absence of handles, or is it the flat clean lined fronts that draw people in? For each and every customer there are many reasons, for some of those reasons Peter Hay provides some excellent alternative approaches.

Gola Handle

The Peter Hay GOLA handle provides a clean cabinet front whilst retaining the standard function of door and drawer systems. The handle profile is extruded aluminium and can be finished in a Nickel plating or powder coated to match or contrast most cabinet fronts. The handle is groove into the cabinet sides and runs along the full length of the cabinetry, providing a great look.

Like all things the GOLA handle requires some consideration, especially in the area of under bench appliances and kitchens with several return angles.

Milan Handle

Like the GOLA handle, the Peter Hay MILAN handle extends you options with clean lined kitchens. The handle profile is extruded aluminium and is back fixed on each individual cabinet front, unlike the GOLA handle which works independently of the cabinet fronts.

The MILAN handle is available in a Natural Anodised or Nickel plated finish and can also be powder coated for matching or contrasting looks.

The MILAN handle is a cheaper option than the GOLA as it requires less cabinet machining and also has greater flexibility with under bench appliances and kitchens with several return angles. The MILAN handle is the perfect choice for a cleaned line kitchen with a more modest budget, plus you get the added bonus of all those wonderful standard features available in the Peter Hay range.

Estiva Handle

The ESTIVA handle works similar to the MILAN handle in that is mounts directly to each individual front, however it is top fixed rather than back fixed. The face width is extremely narrow which creates a very thin feature line on the cabinet fronts. The ESTIVA handle retains the standard function of door and drawer systems.

ESTIVA is available in a Brushed Aluminium plated finish or matching and contrasting powder coat finishes.

Estiva Handle

As with the GOLA the PESARO has some design challenges, in particular right angle corners and doors that open on to each other. The PESARO also protrudes over the cabinet face edge so this also requires consideration.

Profiled Fronts

Removing the handle all together is the idea behind profiling the cabinet fronts. By taking the front and machining a 45 degree cut back on the top of each and every cabinet face the PROFILED concepts works without the aid of a fitted handle.

With PROFILED fronts the finish is as per the material of choice, of which there are limitations. PROFILED fronts are essentially only for Lacquer or Timber Veneered cabinet materials as they require difficult machining process, which can’t be replicated on Melteca, Thermal or Acrylic materials.

The PROFILED option works with cut-out in the cabinet side and uses a detailed strip (the same or contrasted) to separate each individual front to enable access to the top of the cabinet fronts.

The PROFILED front is the most expensive option, due to its high degree of machining work and the material limitations and really is a desired look option rather than a solution to a clean lined kitchen.