There are a few ways to create a clean lined modern handle-less kitchen, however truly handle-less function is created with only two options, mechanically or electrically assisted. So let’s explain the differences.

Mechanically Assisted

TIP-ON is the name our mechanical technology goes by. The system works on a push activation trigger to activate the function. A gentle push is all that is required. A synchronisation bar operates in conjunction with the activation trigger to ensure equal pressure is applied on the cabinet face. This is particularly important when the push activation is not in the centre of the cabinet face.

TIP-ON is available in cabinets with doors and drawers only. The AVENTOS system is available in the HK operating motion only, however clever design in the overheads cabinet area by dropping the door slightly below the cabinet face, means you can pull from behind the door, reducing the need for a handle.


Considerations of Mechanically Assisted

Whilst the TIP-ON function gives you everything you need in a truly handle-less design style, there are trade-offs with the system. The system requires slightly deeper cabinet end panels as the cabinet front activation area is about 3mm greater than standard handle operated functions.

The system does not feature lean protection, meaning the drawer or door will open with any pressure applied, weather you meant to open it or not.

The system requires a manual close. This means the system does not operate with a spring mechanism to pull the drawer in like traditional soft close systems. Because of this the mechanical system can’t feature soft close. There are further developments on mechanically assisted operation to feature soft close and our LEGRABOX drawer will be available with this technology mid-way through 2016.

Like anything there are a considerations with any choice and once understood, TIP-ON provides great motion technology to give you that dream kitchen look.

Electrically Assisted

Our electrically assisted motion technology is called SERVO-DRIVE. SERVO-DRIVE works on the same type of pressure applied to the cabinet face, but unlike TIP-ON with its mechanical activation, SERVO-DRIVE uses a small electric trigger to push open the drawer or lift-up door. The difference between SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON is the electric activation and because of the electric assistance, the drawer or lift-up features soft close as its closing function, it really is the best technology money can buy.

Now we leave out doors with SERVO-DRIVE as the truth is there isn’t any options and the TIP-ON system works just fine.


Considerations of Electrically Assisted

The SERVO-DRIVE technology is really very good and in truth there are very few considerations. Activation distances are in line with all standard kitchen hardware and the system features soft close. The system also features lean protection, meaning the drawer or lift-up will not open when prolonged pressure is applied.

The major consideration is the price. The technology is expensive when compared with traditional hardware. Power locations are also required in certain areas of the kitchen, meaning you have add expense with Electricians when you undertake your kitchen project.

As with TIP-ON, SERVO-DRIVE once truly understood provides a truly wonderful motion experience for your kitchen and cabinets.