Now we have the design and function covered, we now need to consider the integration of the handle-less design style into the rest of the kitchen.

Whilst we know that the handle-less operating features work on all door, drawer and lift-up cabinets, there are considerations to made with other hardware.

Waste bins for starters are available, but only as a drawer mounted systems, of which there is less choice and the Peter Hay UNO system is the perfect consideration. Our Peter Hay LE MANS system works well with the handle-less style, however any other hardware system that is door or front mounted will not work effectively, or at all without the use of a handle. Our SPACE CORNER cabinet solution also requires consideration. The system with a normal handle setup uses a collapsing unit in the drawer front which angles the front past the adjacent cabinets. In the SERVO-DRIVE set-up, this front remains rigid and requires a 45 degree profiling of the drawer fronts. Because of this certain types of décor materials can’t be used meaning, you have very little options when deciding on your colour palette.

Appliances with integrated front panels are also very difficult to work into the handle-less design style. Dishwashers and fridges when integrated require handles. Mid 2016 SERVO-DRIVE Flex will be launched to solve this issue, but like all electrical assistance it comes with a price.