Whilst there are several steps in purchasing a new kitchen, there are a few important steps to getting it right. We have found over the last forty years, these same few steps have been the key ingredient to making your kitchen everything you had wished for.

So how do I start?

We think the best place to start is by establishing a few ideas about the look, the layout, the type of kitchen you’re after and what you want out of your new kitchen. We think the best place to start is by looking at this very website. We have worked really hard to tie in all the concepts, materials, layouts and knowledge you may need to answer these questions.


So what questions should I answer?

These are few questions that have greatly helped us over the years.

  • I guess most people have a good idea of the look they are after, most kitchens are sold on visual appeal before function anyway, so here is a good place to start.
  • Appliances you will reuse or will purchase, this is a key step in getting the ball rolling.
  • Consider the layout you are after. What works well now, what would work better.
  • Changes you would make to your current kitchen. Things you like about your current kitchen.
  • Any building work that will make the space work better. This may alter your thinking with the layout question.
  • Materials you would like to use.
  • Are you likely to have the need to integrate dining at the kitchen, this can change how your kitchen will work?
  • How your shopping habits reflect your storage space in your kitchen today and in the future.
  • Last but not least, what your working budget is. It is question people often don’t feel comfortable answering, but in reality it is very important in allowing us to move on with the next stage.

After you have a good idea of the answers to the above, you can make an appointment to sit down in our showroom and go through your project with one of our designers. The process takes about 90 minutes and after this, we can start work on your concept plans.


So what should I bring to the consultation?

  • Any images or style guides you have that reflect the look you are after. If your kitchen project is part of a whole room/house revamp, then paint swatches of the colours you will be using as well, will help.
  • Dimensions of your room or proposed space, showing the approximate shape of the room and its size are also important. Measurements should be a close to true size as possible. If it is a new house then scaled plans are fine to work from.
  • A list of appliances is also important. This allows us to research the fitting sizes required and any important manufacturer’s instructions that will need to be considered in the design.

Ok, so now you have done your research and had your consultation, the next step is the concept plans. From the time the consultation takes place to the presentation of the plans will be about 10 working days and is a little dependant on our current work load at that time.


So what can I expect from the plans?

From the concept plans you will be presented, you can expect a fairly true to life like representation of what your new kitchen will look like. Our design software allows for finishes and styles to be captured in an almost life like representation of what the finished product will look like.

At the same time the concept plans are presented, we will also present a quotation of what the kitchen will cost.

If revisions are required these follow the same process as the concept plans and once made the design is then re-presented an updated quotation is also presented.


So what next?

Once you are happy with the plan and the price, we then take a 50% deposit to move your kitchen project from concept to reality.

This deposit allows work to start in purchasing raw materials, an accurate site measure to take place and pre-booking of the manufacturing time and installation dates. The deposit also covers the manufacturing of the kitchen up until the time it is due for dispatch.

Throughout the entire production process your questions will be answered by our Project Managers and not by your Designer, it is at this time we make the transition from concept to reality.

At this time you will be advised of tentative dates and can plan the removal of your old kitchen if required and any other work needed.


How long does it take to make?

Generally our kitchens are 20 working days for production time, with the exception of out sourced parts which in general are about 30 working days. Outsource parts are things like lacquered doors or pre-fabricated bench tops.


Your kitchen is dispatched

So after your kitchen leaves our factory it is delivered to your site and un-loaded. The un-loading is handle by delivery staff and you are not expected to help. What we do require is an area large enough to store the kitchen close by the where the new kitchen will be installed. We can’t have cabinet installers moving cabinets from one end/one level of the house to the other, so a place close by is important.

The delivery happens generally the day before the installation takes place, so you won’t be storing it for long. At the time of dispatch you will be required to pay the remaining 50% of the invoice.


My kitchen is being installed, how long will this take?

Most kitchens take 2-3 days to install. This is broken up over a few weeks if you having a templated benchtop in your new kitchen. Templated tops are Quartz Stone, Granite, Acrylic and sometimes Timber and Stainless Steel. Generally Laminated bench tops are pre-fabricated.

The process starts with the installation of all the base cabinets and the tall cabinets. If wall cabinets can be installed in the first stage then this also takes place. Wall cabinets are sometimes left off on the first day as the benchtop won’t fit in without their removal.


So the cabinets are in, how long now till my new kitchen is operational?

Pre-fabricated bench tops are fitted at the same the cabinets are fitted, meaning you kitchen can be up and running in as little as 2-3 days. Templated tops take a little longer. Most Quartz Stone and Granite tops are delivered within 5-7 working days. If your Quartz or Granite top requires mitred work, then the delivery time is usual 10 working days.

Acrylic bench tops and any other form of pre-fabricated work is 15 working or more. Glass splashbacks are templated after the bench top is fitted and require a further 5-10 working days to be installed.

At the time the bench top is fitted, you should have your electrician and plumber on standby to hook up all your services to get you up any running.


Your new kitchen is up and running

From here there is little to do, your kitchen is up and running and everything is as it should be. If there are issues they are once again handled by our Project Managers and are dealt with as quickly as possible. Over the warranty period of the kitchen, issues are also handled by the Project Managers, or suppliers of out sourced products.

Ready to move to the next stage?

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